Monday, August 9, 2010


Well I'm calling it.  The kittens are officially sick.  Cordi broke with a bad eye before they were neutered, and I figured if I hit it hard it would be over with before it started.  I guess it was brewing and being neutered was just too much stress for those July kittens, because Cordi, Spike, Angel and Willow have all sported a snot nose in the past few days.  I figured they'd come right out of it and be ok, but it is lingering, so this morning I broke out the antibiotics.  It isn't bad, just annoying and to the point that medication would be a good idea.  While I am quite thrilled that they aren't going back quite yet, the down side of caring for them (the 10lbs of litter a day that they use and the 10 cans of food they go through) is getting a little excessive.

So easy to over look that through when you have seven kittens clamoring to get on your lap, purring at full volume wanting love and attention.  that really is a great way to start your day!

I sent a little blurb and some photos over to the shelter to get the June kittens adopted together.  I am both looking forward to and dreading when they leave.  Zander is a right little pain in the tushie.  He REALLY wants to save me from that silver thing hanging around my neck with the dangling stone on it.  Unfortunately he ends up biting ME when trying to get it, and pulling VERY hard once he does.  I could deal with him playing with it, but he is a little obsessed, and a little more then a bit excessive to get to it.  One day I had to take it off.  The other I had it on under my shirt and still he needed to get it... NEEEEEDED to get it..   Lets just say he's worse then Jack with the thought of a cookie.  Buffy still sidles up to me and looks for attention which is all too sweet.  *sigh*  I so hope the right home is out there waiting for them.

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