Sunday, August 15, 2010

and then there were two

The July fosters went back this morning.  My intention was to hang around for their adoptions, but I soon learned that it was probably not a good idea.  A woman and her husband and dog and child came in and she wanted a "short haired female" kitten that would go outside.  I'm assuming short hair because people think they shed less (my DSHs shed way more then my medium or long hairs) and female because she heard they were friendlier. (total myth btw) When I told her that I have an even mix of genders and some of each are friendly and standoffish, she was ok with a male.  She really liked the idea of Angel, but then she talked about letting him out - which of course set me on edge, and I went into the explanation of the dangers, and tried to be as non judgmental as I could about it, but being emotionally invested in these kittens and knowing Angel as I do, I don't know if I was.  The mother was quite odd, and I was surprised she was there to get a kitten.  She would not let her child nor her dog walk on the floors of the shelter.  She asked about germs and it was explained that the floors are sanitized but being as active as they are there very well could be something - so the dog and the kid stayed up off the floor.  She talked to me about care of a kitten and was wondering if she would be "overwhelmed" .. well yea, THEY ARE KITTENS!!  *sigh*  They picked Angel, and my heart broke.  I went to find the shelter manager about their information and I couldn't find her, and when I went back into the adoption lobby the couple was gone.  They had gone outside to discuss it, and realized they were going to visit friends and there might be litter box issues..   so they decided to hold off
you know, I feel that people who worry too much about litter box issues really shouldn't have cats, let alone kittens.

I had tried to talk her into an adult cat, as I think that would be a much better fit for her paranoia needs and her family, but no go.  They are going to come back in the next few days (or maybe next week) and pick one then.  Hopefully they'll find a good match for their home.

I felt a little uncomfortable that I might have been a little unPC talking about going outside, and I was such a mess from the thought of Angel going outside, that I decided to go home.  I found the shelter manager and explained how I was feeling, and how I was not even going to have new kittens to distract me.  She suggested a short term foster, and I went to go see what she was offering.  Two little tuxie kittens that are two pounds, and I took them.  one short haired (but fuzzy) boy and one medium haired double pawed girl.  They aren't nearly as people orientated as the last set, and that is probably a good thing.  I'm sure if I shove them full of food that they'll be ready to go by the end of the week.

I was thinking I'd call them matching names.  The boy looks a lot like my Eli so I was thinking Eli and Elizabeth.  I haven't settled on that though.  They do remind me a lot of Happiness and Joy.  Happy was a tuxie, but Joy was a tabby with white so I'm not quite sure why I feel the connection... they aren't feral, nor are they even that fearful.  *shrug*  I'm sure something will come to me.

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