Monday, August 2, 2010

Time for the Vet

Well the kittens finally have an appointment to be neutered, it will be Tuesday the 3rd.  Wouldn't you know it that Cordi broke with a huge eye infection as soon as I got the appointment!!  Green goop oozing out of her eye conjunctiva all inflamed.  I went to the shelter over the weekend and got some terramycin.  The manager was reluctant to hand it over - which surprised me as I used to use it all the time, but apparently it turns teeth yellow among other side effects.  But since this is green goop, I really wanted it and she had nothing else since the trioptic ointment is on back order so I got it.  When I got home from the shelter her eye looked absolutely HORRIBLE, so inflamed that it was hard to see the eyeball.  I put in some then and there, and a few hours later when I went to feed dinner she looked much better.  I gave her some more that night and this morning she looks almost normal. 

I also asked the shelter manager what the chances of all three of the June kittens going together.  She said what I suspected, slim to none, but then she suggested that we do a write up on the website and see what happens.  She's out of the office until Thursday, so I'll probably write it up on Wednesday after they've been neutered and are back home.

I think I am going to take a short break from fostering.  My husband is being sent out of town for work, and taking care of the household with out him is taxing.  Throw on some fosters on top of that and it gets overwhelming.  He's gone that third week of August.  I'll have these guys at least through this week, so it will only be two weeks - but then there is the thought that the June kitties will stay with me until someone sees them on the website and wants to adopt them, so maybe I'll have them a little longer then that.

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  1. I once had three kittens go together to a new home! Although very rare it does happen. I hope your June kittens get to go together


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