Saturday, August 18, 2012

How I celebrated National Black Cat Appreciation Day

I picked up two black kittens to foster.  One is fluffy.  She is a girl, she's mostly outgoing and has a tendency to growl and hiss and make a general nuisance of herself simply because she doesn't know better.    But she is willing to come up to me and let me pat her, so we'll just have to teach her that hiss and spit is for warnings of backing off and nothing else.

The second is short haired.  He is a boy.  He is mostly NOT outgoing and would much prefer it if I would simply go away.  Although he did really like that yummy chicken baby food I gave him, enough that he was willing to come out of the box for it.  He's really cute and has a stubby tail, about an inch and a half long.  He is also an absolute mess.  Completely and utterly covered in flea dirt.  His ears are covered in ear cleaning solution so his ears must have been a mess when he showed up too.  I'm letting him rest tonight and I'll give him a bath tomorrow.  It should be quick enough because all kitties get flea treatment so he shouldn't have any on him *knock wood* *knocks again to be safe* so I should be able to simply get the dirt off of him with a water bath.

So hopefully they'll only be here a week or possibly two. *knocks more wood* before they are adoptable and of size.  I am so determined to hit 300 kitties fostered this year.  Although considering the fact that the leaves are starting to change already I'm not sure that is going to happen.  But you know what they say, you shoot for the moon and miss at least you are among the stars!

Short stubby tail.  Calling him "Stubbs" would mean I have no imagination right?
Nom nom nom
Hey, bring that back!
if I must
I'll get my own
Girl on my lap
Girl playing
She had run of the room last night because she kept forgetting he was in the cage with her (because he was hiding in the box) and when she noticed him she would hiss and spit and act all tough.  He's in the cage until he comes up to me on his own.


  1. Look at those cuties! I immediately thought of the name Romeo when I saw him. Don't know why. :-)

  2. what a pair of cuties. we love kittens that are full of hiss and vinegar....and they do eventually get it. :)

  3. Awww so cute,they will come round

  4. Oh they're so cute!
    That is so nice of you to foster them (so many of them) until they find a furever home!


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