Friday, August 24, 2012

Knock Knock

or should that be "little girl let me in!"
Do you know what happens when I go to the shelter??
Hello you.
Girl, Girl.
Boy, Girl, Girl
Mom, a complete and utter covergirl.  She LOVES the camera.
I tried to add on this little cutie, but the staff member wanted to take him home.
While I was there I got some not so good news, and some even not so good not good news.
Eliza and Ezra was still up for adoption.
Can't really complain about this one.  They were both quite happy, Eliza was all come play with me, both were wrestling by the time I left.. There are quite a few kittens there at the moment so it is a little understandable they are still there.  I don't have to like it (do people not know how awesome these kittens are???), but I totally understand it.

The not so good not good news...

Look familar?
Sadly Cherry and Pumpkin were returned to the shelter.  I asked why and the staff member thought it was because they were moving.  *sigh*  Three months.. well at least they returned them to the shelter and didn't put them up online as free to a good home..  I was glad to see them.  They were glad to see me.. or they were glad to see someone who was willing to coo over them and pat them.  They both had extremely soft and smooth coats.  It looks and feels like they were well taken care of so I am thankful for that.

speaking of kittens.  The consensus is that I should add the rabbits to my total count.  Anyone want to help me count them?  I could only find this evidence they were here.  I count nine..


  1. Oh so sad that those sweet little ones were returned :( I'm purring that they find their perfect forever homes.

  2. I REALLY LOATHE the whole moving excuse. I'd sooner live in my car than give up my cats. I've driven cross country TWICE with my cats when moving.... Ugh.... anyway... I'll try not to go on a tirade about this topic! :P

    Your new babies look pretty awesome to me! Can't wait to hear more about them!

  3. Good luck with your new little ones - such sweeties. Paws crossed that the others soon find the right forever homes - at least they are safely back in the shelter rather than being dumped as so often happens here in the UK.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  4. THREE MONTHS??? What is wrong with people?

    *ahem* But look at the cuties you have, and mom is just gorgeous. Wow.

  5. Wow - that mom is a looker. And love that her kits are all tuxies. :) Cat genetics are fun.

    The moving excuse makes me crazy too. You are right - at least they brought them back to the shelter, but the lack of committment grates on me.

  6. everything will work out for those babies that were returned and the ones the one that are still there

  7. That's sad that the babies were returned but like you rightfully said, at least they were returned to the shelter and not given away or worst, let loose on the streets to fend for themselves. That would have been awful.

  8. Mama Kitty is absolutely stunning. Can't wait to find out more about her and her kitlets.

    Moving? Bogus excuse. I flew a cat and a dog to a new continent when my husband was stationed in Europe, bought a house instead of rented in this economy to keep my cat, and moved him round trip up and down I-75 while we were between homes so we could stay with family. It's not easy, but there's a way. Also... after only THREE MONTHS? These people don't plan well, do they? But I will give them props for returning them safely instead of any of the other worse solutions. Sigh.....

  9. I feel so sad Cherry and Pumpkin were returned... But this means those people were not really good family. They have a chance to have really good home with caring family. I hope it will happen soon..

  10. it is so hard for me to read these things because it makes me want to adopt each and every one of them!

  11. It's sad to see them come back again. Hopefully, they will be adopted to a better home.

  12. MOVING?!?!

    Those humans weren't good enough for them anyway.


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