Thursday, August 23, 2012

That was quick

2lbs 12 oz
2lbs 8.5 oz
They are both of weight now and I believe that the majority of work needed to be done with Romeo has been done and now he needs some more 'intensive' work.  With my work schedule, I can only give him an hour maybe two a day and if he goes back to the shelter he will with people all day long.

Yes, sweetie, people.  I know we frighten you, but each day when I remind you what fun we can be you start opening up.  Remember, I play with the toy with you.

I like the toy.. 
I got your toy right here!

I just wanted to teach him how to use it properly... 
Close enough
You can do it, Romeo!
Good boy!

I do see him getting use to people much faster at the shelter since he'll have constant contact and won't have time to let each lesson fade.  I've laid down a very good foundation and I see him taking it and running with it.  Even still I will probably suggest he go with someone who understands the needs of an omega.  I'm glad we were also able to convince Juliette that other kitties are a good thing (that video from yesterday was so fun to watch for me on so many different levels)


  1. Great work as usual Connie! Good luck lil babies!

  2. good job - it is hard when you have shy ones but have to work and give them all the time they need. I bet they are spoiled rotten back at the shelter.

    Took Bourbon to have new x-rays done today. I have bets running that he ends up spending the day being carried around and loved on by someone. :)

  3. While it will be hard for you, yes, socialization is a good thing for them right now. I LOVE that big eyed photo of Romeo. :-)

  4. So cute!

    I love black cats!

  5. Well done! You sure did a good job getting them to think a little about how fun humans can be. :)

  6. Another success, I think :)

  7. Well done, Connie - I am sure they will go from strength to strength.
    Purrs ... Rainbow


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