Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nario and Fedele.

Well I gave a water only bath to my new little black kitten with the stubby tail to get rid of the flea dander on him, and while doing so I saw a single flea run across his chest.  Considering all the debris on him, one isn't bad.  I mean seriously, look at the bath water..

Unfortunately the shelter didn't have anything additional for them.  They were given revolution two days ago.  The capstar there is the dog size and to dose a kitten they are looking at dust and that isn't something they wanted to do.  At this point I can go out and try to find cat capstar or hope the revolution takes care of that last remaining live flea before anything else happens.  I'm going with the later and keeping a good eye on them.  The last thing I want is The Crew to get fleas again.

While I was there I saw Fedele and Nario out being held.  A really nice couple was there who wanted two boy kitties.  All the other kitties up for adoption were girls so they had gone outback and brought them out to be seen.  They were smitten and ended up adopting them.  After all these years I have started having a harder and harder time meeting the people who adopt my kittens because I prefer to imagine the homes they went in instead of knowing the reality.  I know all too well that people have different views on how to care for cats and while I personally don't think they are right, I've come to accept the fact that just because they are what I would call ideal doesn't make them wrong or bad cat owners.   But I do like to believe they are adopted by good owners and are loved, and that is much much easier if I don't know the particulars.

Fortunately this couple was pretty much all I could hope to ask for in adopters.  A nice well established couple, who younger kids but not so young they won't understand the proper treatment of kitties.  (Nario is going to LOVE them) She has had several cats who lived to 18 years of age.  He wants to build cat trees for the kitties.. (I mean seriously, could it get much better??) Indoor only, was open to the fact that cats are carnivores, going to set them up in one room to help them get settled into the house.. and she promised to send pictures!!

and oddly enough they live in the town my mom works in, so they have met and know her! lol.  talk about your small world.

I am assuming she is reading this.. to see all the photos I have posted of "Martin or Marty" and "Jack" click here


  1. yeah for adoptions!!!!

    I have used dawn dish detergent to wash kittens and it kills fleas pretty well. from the look of the water, these guys are lucky they are as healthy as they are.

  2. It is brilliant when you can see the rewards of all your hard work. Well done xx

  3. It's great to know fur babies are adopted by great family :-)

  4. OMGOODNESS that was some dander! I bet he feels better.
    Glad to know that in this case the cat "parents" are ideal. I think we all want them to be in purrfect homes. They've already endured enough bad things in their short lives.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  5. Oh my gosh, look at that water! That is really something. I am sure that the boys are going to do great--and that maybe they really will send some photos.

  6. Wow, the water's stained with the colour of flea dirt!

    Thank you for visiting us. Purrs!

  7. That's some skeery baffwater all right! That's really a good 'doption story!!!

  8. Awww sweet little kitty with the stubby tail and adorable outgoing girl kitty are so cute!!! Awwww we hope you get that last flea out of kitty with the little stubby tail!! Yay!!!

    Great news for wonderful Fedele and Nario.

    Personally I tend to be baffled by people out to adopt gender specific cats or dogs. I really don't see why this should make a difference. It's like only wanting to adopt non-black cats. Why!??! But that's just my very humble personal opinion!

    This couple sound like they're going to give Fedele and Nario a beautiful home! Take care

  9. so everything is how it ought to be,well apart from fleas bit,sounds like the kitties are gonna have it made

  10. I think wanting a gender specific cat has more to do with myth and individual experiences. I have heard people say girl cats are so friendly and mothering, and others say they are aloof. some think males are too busy defending territory to be friendly others think that since they don't have to raise young they are more friendly. I do my best to dispel those, having had four of each gender at one point and some of both in each gender. Especially when neutered so young, they are pretty much gender nonspecific since they never sexually mature. But all that being said, I'd prefer someone adopt a male because that is what they want then not adopt at all.


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