Monday, August 13, 2012

Looking back

We have an 'empty' house now.. Just us two humans and the seven resident cats (and yes, that can seem empty)   I brought the kittens back this weekend and was offered kitties several times over.  There was a pregnant kitty who really wanted out of the shelter and an incredibly sweet older kitty named Emerald.  She had piercing emerald green eyes.  She was also declawed, her fur was a mess and she had quite a few sores on her body.  I wanted to bundle her up and take her home and spoil her silly, but a) I'm leaving town and b) it would be better that her forever home does that.

I thought it would be fun to take a peak at some of the kittens I've fostered in August through the years..

Cranky Minerva and her kittens Crookshanks, Fawkes and  Hedwig. 8/2011
Jimminy & Cricket 8/2010
Skippy!! :) 8/2009
Cupcake (RIP) and her mom 8/2008
"Tilly" aka Kit!! :) 7/2007 (she was here in Aug of 2007 alone because her siblings all made weight and went back earlier, but I have so few pictures that month because I was dealing with Em and her cancer) 
Suzie Q, Sara, Sebastian and Sasha 7/2006 (pictures are starting to get harder to find, because my camera wasn't as good and bandwidth was actually an issue back then)

Gizzy, Eliza and Kau 7/2005
Tweedle, Dennis, and Google and their mom Joan.  7/2004
Butterscotch, Ennui, Tobin, Kodi, Tigger.  8/2003
Melvin (Eli) Izzy, Scooter (Muffin) and Kodi (adopted then lost to FIP) 10/2002

A little scary but yet a little predictable that most of my 'foster failures' are end of season kittens.. 


  1. I would have failed with all of them! What's it like with ONLY seven cats?

  2. Well I had so much time on my hands I was only 10 minutes late to work!! *snigger*

  3. "Empty" house, ha ha! Cool to have an August look back.

  4. we have done short stints with no kittens....and it is strange. Mom says she almost doesn't know how to take a shower without stepping over kittens and then extracting them from the shower after she gets out. MOL

  5. Don't know how you do it,I find it hard enough with just our bunny,Speedy

  6. that's a lot of kittens! Thanks for caretaking them as you do. I couldn't foster kittens, would get too attached and they would never leave!

  7. How you can be so detached!! It must take some strength to give them back!! Great job :)

  8. it isn't so much that I'm detatched, but I knew when I signed up that my job would end when they were big enough. I quickly came to realize two important facts. I can not own them all. Adding more cats to the house will make my own cats unhappy and then no one will be happy. and the second is that kittens old enough to be adopted are worse then two year olds at a birthday party. Hyper, distructive, messy etc. I am so ready for them to go back more times then not. I miss them, but then I get new less distructive ones to love on :)

  9. If I had taken in all those kitties for "fostering", I would be the crazy cat lady by now. LOL.


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