Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking my lickings..

Well there were consequences for leaving the house for three days.. My cats doll out their own punishment in the form of lickings.  Jack thought my nose in particular needed to be licked quite severely and at midnight none the less.
Jack says "Are you ready for your lickin!"
Muffin barely acknowledges me
Eli - bout time you got home.. 
Fleurp - Where have you been??? 
Skippy top Twee bottom: both were 'Meh"
Kit was not thrilled that she had to share her Daddy with me again.
My plane landed safely at 10, but it was basically 11 by the time we got the luggage and back to the car and back to the house.  And of course I had to touch base with all the kitties.  It felt oh so weird to not have to go downstairs to check on guests..

I was so glad to see them, and they did their best to tell me off, but I could tell they were oh so happy to see me.  Well not Muffin, she did hold out until the morning.. My husband "joked" that they got a better 'glad to see you' they he did.  I say joked because he said it in a good mood, but it was true.  Kinda hard to give him a good glad to see you when you meet up in airport after three non stop days of go go go.  Kitties are easier because you give them a big hug and a few kisses and walk away..  No expectations there.

DH went to work this morning.  That man runs on routine and it was Friday morning and it was time for work, so he set about his routine to set me up for a good morning.  I had to remind him I wasn't going to work today.  I would have laughed if I wasn't 3/4ths still asleep.

I finally met the waking world around 9.  Spent a few hours online trying to clean up emails and catch up on things, but that was a little hard because I had to take my licks from Muffin.  Apparently I had to kiss her big furry butt as well before she would act like she forgave me.  To which she said I MUST pay attention to her.
You shall never use this luggage again!! Right Momma??
(seriously, I love how they ALL look so darn disappointed in me)

All too soon it was time for me to get up and take Fleurp to the vet.  She is due to go in another month for a recheck of her blood work on her recurring anemia.  We want to keep a close eye on it and see if it shows up again. Having already had two crises already, we want to keep ahead of it if it happens a third time.  I sooooo do not want to put her on pred for life... so at this point I'm going with monitoring closely.    We have no idea why this is happening, but it did start after a set of vaccinations.  Anyway, before I left she was 'air plane-ing" one ear.  I tried to get a look in it and she reacted like it was quite painful.  I figured I would take her in sooner rather then later and have it looked at.  The vet (my vet was on vacation *sob*) was really cute and sweet, but she didn't know me from a whole in the wall so I had to explain my history, my knowledge, and my abilities.  Fleurp's blood work at this point is lower then it was at the end of being on pred, but still with in normal levels.  She was also 10lbs not 11.  She's 11lbs while on pred.    So not great and outstanding and no need to worry, but a come back in a month and lets check everything again.  Fleurp's ear was apparently gooey but nothing major, and we are putting her on meds for two weeks to clear it up.
This is not happening!! ~Fleurp

I dropped her off at home, and after some more groveling for her forgiveness, I then ran off to the shelter.  There was a mom with a few babies but they were having issues and weren't ready to let them go.  There was a barely pregnant mom and then two older kits that I did end up taking (photos and stories tomorrow)  But while I was there the kittens that I had just dropped off were returned from being neutered.   I got to spend some time with them.  I got pictures I'll share that on Sunday.

So now is it Jack Time??  Jack Time does come with treats right?


  1. Welcome home! It sounds like you were missed...not that the Cats would ever admit it!

  2. What a mixed bag of greetings! Star always shuns us when we go away, even for a day. Leo doesn't know how to do that yet, he's just excited to see us!
    Fingers and paws crossed for Fleurp's next tests!

  3. the fur balls always miss you they just know how to make you feel bad and do the guilt trip when you get back,hope fleurps test come out well too!

  4. Sounds like your kitties celebrated your "homecoming" rather differently but judging from how they look, we are pretty sure they missed you very much. :)

  5. I love the way cats feign distinterest!! Never show your feelings! Lummy, they could be British!!!

  6. Welcome back! I am glad you were finally 'forgiven' by everyone.

  7. what a welcoming committee. I often wonder if I am really missed when I am gone...haha

  8. They missed you. They will just never let you know that. Love Muffin's face on top of the luggage!

  9. We don't like it when our mommy leaves either!! Jack, did you get noms during Jack time???


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