Monday, February 18, 2013

Lucy vs clavamox

So when Lucy came to me, I was given fluids to give and clavamox to dose her with to give her a head start with the dental, which I have seen done often.  I also know that clavamox can lead to diarrhea in some cats.

And wouldn't you know it, Lucy is one of those cats. :(  I didn't worry about it much at first, but come Sunday she had it all over her pantaloons and I couldn't much deal with that, so I went into the shelter to see what else could be done for her.  I know there is an alternative antibiotic to give, but I couldn't remember what it was, and I'm not really sanctioned through the shelter to tell them what medications to dispense anyway, so even if I did remember that it was antirobe (aka clindamycin - I looked it up after I got home) I'm not sure I would have gotten it. I was given some suggestions on what to give her, but none of them were really going to work since she is not eating very well at this point.  I left with not many options, but I got a call a bit later to take her off the clavamox, so hopefully by now her stomach has settled some and her stool firms up.

While I was at the shelter I checked on the kittens.  Owen and Shortcake were there, Clyve, Victor and Anubis were at the local home show.  I can't tell you how badly I wanted to go up there, as I was told they brought harnesses for them - and oh what cute pictures those would have made to share - but it was snowing and the roads were kind of bad and even if I had left immediately there is a chance I would have missed them anyway.  *sigh*  I emailed the woman who brought them, hopefully she has a few pictures to share.  As of noon on Sunday, only Clyve had been adopted.

When I went exploring the shelter, I saw they brought up some more kittens from the south.  One little black and white kitten apparently made everything around her great.. (it was the description on her cage card) How cute is that??

A little brother and sister pair were underneath her.  Squiggy and Zorro.  Squig had a few things to say about being in a cage..
Do you have a tin cup to spare?
and then there was this..
Poor little 2 yr old girl is pregnant.. and apparently a little uncomfortable about it (notice the leg)  I so wanted to open up the cage and rub her belly, but I was covered in "other kitty cooties" and I didn't want to pass anything to her or from her.  I can't tell you how badly I wanted to snatch her up and bring her home, but I'm not sure Lucy would appreciate it (or maybe she wouldn't appreciate Lucy) and there are other foster homes who can handle a simple pregnant cat - where as there only only a few comfortable giving fluids and pilling a cat with bad teeth.

There will be more kittens in my future - of that I have no doubt.


  1. Aw - Squiggy and Zorro - great names :) Pregnant mama looks so young, it's hard to believe she's 2 years old.

  2. I am so not a fan of clavamox--mainly because it tends to put cats of their food. I can hardly stand it when you post pics of kitties in cages. Can I take them all home??

  3. Poor Lucy - we hope she is feeling better soon.

    Those kittens are adorable (when aren't they?). And great news about Clyve!! Hope the tabby momma gets into foster soon.

  4. lovely kitties hope lucy gets better soon

  5. Can't you mix acidophilus up with Lucy's food? PB8 is great. That's what I did for my cats and we had no problems.

  6. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Awe, Zorro and Squiggy: I'm in love with them!
    Hope Lucy will feel better!


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