Monday, February 11, 2013

Nemo visits Casa de Gato

So as you all know Nemo made a pit stop in NE this past weekend.  Oh what fun.. a blizzard.  who doesn't need one of those right??

It was due in on Friday.  I started the morning off not feeling well at all.  I had joked with my co-workers that no matter what I was going to take the day off (because the last 'big storm' we were threatened with never showed up) either it was going to be a snow day or I was taking a sick day.  Teach me to joke about such things.  I was fortunate that work was closed as the snow had started early.

We actually got several inches from the one storm before the two merged.  Most of my 'before' photos are from after the snow started but before Nemo actually formed.

I joked that Nemo wanted in.. 
our back deck
We live on a secondary road and we lose power at pretty much any storm that causes schools to close, so I prepared.  I made sure we had all of our flash lights out in a central location.  I ate a good protein rich breakfast on Friday, had food that I would enjoy eating cold (pop tarts, doughnuts, you know, that stuff you tend not to eat on a regular basis) and I even filled up the bath tubs (because we are on a well so with out power we have no additional water) and I sat and I waited for the power to go out.  Then I thought, I should charge up my old laptop so I could watch movies if need be.  So I charged that up, along with a few other battery powered toys, and got to working on my email.  When Nemo started, I was ready.

Some how we kept power all night.  Winds buffeted the house, and still we had power.  Finally I got tired and I gave up the electronic ghost and went to bed, figuring that any minute we would lose it.

The morning came, and we still had power!!  I was SHOCKED.. (actually that should be in a font way larger than that to try to begin to convey how shocked I was) but so pleased.  I played some more on the computer thinking that any minute it would go out.  We had a hot breakfast and watched movies as the wind howled.  Later on in the day we got up to look out and see what was going on to see that the house across the way (that is sitting empty as it is in the process of being sold) had snow over half way up the garage.  Our back deck had several feet of snow..

And then I noticed just what the wind did with all the snow..
This is my "garden turtle".. he's several feet off the ground
I was so glad that the snow wasn't packed against the house like it was the neighbor's.  It really was quite dramatic.  The snow was very light and fluffy which is probably why we still had power. but being so it has the ability to do this..
Apparently Nemo really did want in
By late Saturday afternoon the snow had stopped and the wind had started to die down, so my husband went to snow blow the driveway, just enough to get out if we needed, but neither of us needed.  So we had a nice warm dinner and watched another movie and called it a night.

Sunday brought a beautiful sunny day and more revelations..

That bump in the middle of the yard in the 'frame' of the porch is the garden turtle
three foot snow bank next to bare ground
Owen checking out the build up on the outside of the window
I was quite surprised that three of the four sides of our house have bare ground.  We probably could walk around the house if need be.  The fourth side didn't get that much extra either, so I am very impressed with the situation of the house on the lot.  I did see a roof tile on the side of our house in one of the bare spots, I had no idea where it came from and since our house is pretty new I didn't even consider it could be ours.  However on Saturday afternoon I saw this..
This is the wall in front of the chimney.  It is also on the leeward side of the chimney - the one side of the house that isn't bare of snow.  We have builders coming tomorrow so we will hopefully get someone to look at what is going on.  There is actually almost no snow on our roof which is nice.  Going out on Sunday afternoon I saw quite a few people on their roofs shoveling feet of snow off them.

So all in all I have to say we got off pretty lucky.  but I reserve the right to revise that once someone gets up on the roof..

If you want to see a really amazing time lapse video of Nemo that someone else made, check out this.  It is on facebook, but you should be able to see it even with out an account.. (if you can't, please tell me)


  1. Oh, that last ceiling shot did NOT look good... I hope it isn't anything too awfully expensive to fix!

  2. I really love looking at snow. Well, perhaps I might not feel that way if MY door was blocked off completely by snow...
    I saw a picture of someone's door completely covered (right to the top) with snow...beings I have never experienced snow, how would you get out if that happened? Because from what I can tell, even if you tried to dig your way out, the snow has to go, unless you shovel the snow into the house...

  3. WOW, that is a lot of snow (said by the Canadian). Hope that leak is easy to fix.

  4. Oh my gosh, that's a LOT of snow! We are glad your powered remained on. Hope the roof/chimney problem turns out to be minor. A few years ago, we had a similar problem and had to have the chimney knocked down.

  5. it all looked pretty good except snow in the garage and the spot on the ceiling....uh oh!! hope it isn't serious.... and glad you guys made it through safe and WARM

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Oh man... I cannot even begin to imagine dealing with that much snow!! I am so glad that you and the crew are all safe and warm though and hope that the leak is nothing major.

  7. All in all I think you lucked out! Fingers crossed the roof leak is only snow driven in under the eaves and not an actual leak. And, feel better soon! If I had to deal with another blizzard, ever again, I'd off myself...I detest winter. You are made of sterner stuff!

  8. Hope the fix to the roof isn't too expense. Know all too well the feeling of finding spots like that (but ours would be rain induced). Glad that you had no lost power, considering that was pretty amazing.

  9. Good to hear you made it through the storm with power. In our part of the world the lines are underground so we rarely have disruptions, thank goodness.

    Good luck with the roof and the leak!

  10. Those are some amazing photos! You are really lucky the wind blew away so much of your snow, and we're hoping it blew it under your eaves. I would think the roof would be ok if it doesn't leak when it rains, but we are purring for you.

  11. Wow your drifts are incredible! So happy that you were able to keep power. Glad you are all safe!

  12. Mommy sez HOLY MACKEREL! Bare ground...and a 2 foot drift INSIDE your garage?!? Nemo was SOME storm!!!

  13. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Is that snow INSIDE your house?!


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