Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Who Let the Dogs Out" BlogPaws edition

I was at the BlogPaws website the other day and saw a contest that had to do with watching the TV show "Who Let the Dogs Out" and their episode highlighting BlogPaws.

To enter this contest I have to answer three questions:

  1. Tell us what you like the most about the show "Who Let The Dogs Out" in general.
  2. If you've never heard of BlogPaws before, tell us what you learned about BlogPaws, from watching the episode. If you know about BlogPaws, tell us what you liked the most about the segment.
  3. Tell us what you'd LIKE to learn at BlogPaws 2013.
Well, lets see.

  1. I love that they highlighted BlogPaws.  I am going this year for the first time and I'm a little nervous about it all.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, why be nervous right?  Just a whole bunch of cat and dog people.. yeah, well, I'm a total introvert and since I can't bring my cat with me.. (I am so going to miss them!) I still fear I will have nothing to say.. (I know, right!  I can blog all day long, but I tend to be tongue tied in person)
  2. I liked people admitting that they like being among their fellow bloggers, especially when Lisa from @ZoeyTheBooger said that it was the one place she could be where she wasn't the crazy dog person - I can totally relate to that.  (I also was quite amused to see JaneA from and then seeing her a few minutes later on my local news)
  3. I guess I'm hoping to learn how to network better.  I've been blogging for 10 years and I have some wonderful followers, but I'm still very small.
I am really glad I ran into this contest, even if I don't win (which I so hope I do) because it was so nice to see the episode.  


  1. Hi Connie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the episode and are planning to attend BlogPaws this year. Try not to be too nervous about attending. We'll have a table for Newbies and everyone does their best to make everyone feel welcome. We have lots of introverts like you, but I think everyone feels like they've made friends for life when they leave. And, you will learn so much great social media tools while you are there - the whole weekend will fly right by. Good luck in the contest!
    ~ Chloe, BlogPaws COE

  2. Mommy sez to tell you that on the Meyers-Briggs scale she clipped the top in ALL the introvert categories!! She sez she took the job she did as a death-wish (MOL) to force herself to interact with peeps. HAA.

    She's sooo glad you'll be there and looks forward to seeing you again! And *WE* sez you two should spend all your time cooing over photos of all us kittehs. Yeah. (She's gonna miss us like crazy too. Me especially. -FaRADaY
    OW! ALLIE! Quit hitting me!)

  3. Oh we have all our fingers, feet, toes and paws crossed that you win! These are honest and heartfelt answers!! You must win!!! Yay!

    Ten years of blogging!? WOW! Now that's amazing! Enjoy Blogpaws - it sounds fabulous and you are bound to meet like-minded people who are as passionate about helping animals as you are!

    Take care


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