Thursday, October 24, 2002

Scooter's eye update

well scooter's eye look WAY better (in fact she's right here really wanting to type too) still not 100%..probably 80% man she is SUCH a sweetheart.. and I had absolutely nothing to do with it.. *smile* totally up in my face though.. *wipes nose*

Last night, one of the kits - the boy, had an eye problem that really worried me. His right eye had quite a bit of blood in it - below the ... the.. frick.. I can't remember the parts of the eye.. the black spot.. what ever that is called. It was in the iris.. which is still quite blue :) I checked this morning though and he's fine. The sandy girl tiger kitten is quite congested though.. :( she's also the one that doesn't eat on her own.. maybe its cause she can't smell it.. maybe its cause she's not ready.. who knows. Someone is going outside the box.. in fact they are going to the bathroom BEHIND the box... *rolls eyes* I just cleaned the kitten room.. and I actually smell like kitten pee.. I NEEED a shower..

currently bugsy and four of the kittens are on the couch sleeping all cuddled up.. its very very cute.. I was feeding the kits this morning and 'lost' one.. she had made it up to the second level of the 'kitten' cage (ok.. so its a ferret cage, but it works REALLY well with kittens with out a mom) and couldn't get out.

oooh.. scooter is back.. purring up a storm. She wants to cuddle.. g2g

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