Thursday, October 17, 2002

Big kitten day

Big kitten day today.. this morning was a bit uneventful.. the regular medication and feeding and what not.. I was feeling bad about them walking on the vinyl all day and their feet getting cold.. so I wanted to stop and get something to put on the floor.. which I did.. Went in there when I got home. and put the carpet pieces down.. and they were peed on.. by the kits.. also.. one went pee in the dry food bowl.. and one pooped on the carpet.. so now we have a litter box in the kitten box..

We also have one eating regular wet food. Not enough to not ask for the slop I've been feeding them, but its a good start.. I think there might be more than one, but its so hard to tell cause they don't sit still very long.. even if there is food involved.

Scooter's eye now looks absolutely horrible.. the lid is all swollen and the inner lid looks like it is stuck half way closed. Bugsy isn't breathing as hard, but still looks just as bad, but LOVED to have his tummy rubbed.. Melvin still is wheezing badly.. I talked to the shelter and they said it just has to run its course and to continue on the Clavamox. Izzy got a bit of nutrical on her head.. its a high calorie supplement for kittens.. its a bit thicker than molasses.. its right on her 'third eye'.. she's looking quite Indian tonight.. and having a fun time running around like a fool. She still doesn't like cats older than her though.. although she was in the kitten box last night playing and washing the kits.. it was beyond adorable..

I've still got one that can't get out of the box.. I hope the litter box helps her. although if she's out.. how will she get back in??

awww.. they are awake and in the box *crosses fingers they know what its for*

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