Thursday, October 31, 2002

Not the momma

One of the set of five kittens I'm rescuing, has a major case of URI.. so she has NO sense of smell..  and at this point I think she has no sense at all. Since she can't smell, she isn't eating on her own, actually, I just think she doesn't want to take what is offered to her.. so I have to force feed her. I bring her outside the kitten room and let her run while I prepare her food, and she starts routing around looking for something from the resident kitties.. which is pointless not only cause they aren't her mother, but because they aren't even girls.. :)

she just doesn't have a clue that she's routing around in the totally wrong place, and they just couldn't care less about her. :)

btw.. I have some new medicine for her.. so hopefully it will shed some light on her cluelessness..

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