Tuesday, October 15, 2002

The first official post

I've been wanting to set this up for a while, but I've been a little too overwhelmed with the needs of my kittens to deal with it.. but at the moment I am forced to sit down and be still for an extended time due to the fact that one of my three-week-old kittens is quite ill with pneumonia.. it's absolutely heartbreaking to even look at her, let alone try to give her any medicine.. but it needs to be done if she's to survive.. so I will do what I need to do.. as I always do. I have another blog where I talk about my life, but I felt it was being overwhelmed with kitten stories, so.. tada! aren't you impressed? I doubt anyone will ever read this including me.. but I love telling stories about my kittens.. thus the creation.

I am currently on my eighth and ninth set of fosters. The eighth are four 6-8 wk old kittens. they were quite frisky and active when I got them, but two of them currently have a URI (upper respiratory infection). Bugsy got quite ill with a bad case of diarrhea and URI.. the back end is cleared up, but his eyes are watering badly, it looks so much like he's crying. He gave it to Melvin, and Izzy has a slight touch of it too. Only Scooter is fine at the moment..

I also have a set of three-week-old kittens. They are a LOT of work.. Two are currently ill, one - the one on my lap, is gasping with every breath, and is quite weak. and cold.. we are wrapped up in a towel and a blanket.. hopefully, this is helping.. She's also on Clavamox.. but since she has a hard time breathing and is doing so through her mouth its quite hard to get the meds in her.. not to mention they do NOT like the taste of it.. *sends good thoughts her way*

sadly not many good stories to post at this point, but there are many to come.. like the story of how scooter got his name.. and the time bugsy got lost in the room.. well he wasn't lost, but we could not find him..

ugh.. I'm being drooled on.. *blows kisses at little sick kitty*

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