Monday, October 21, 2002

Melvin has Calci

I went in to feed the kittens this morning, and it looks like Melvin has Feline Calicivirus. He's got a classic case of it.. he's sniffling sneezing (coughing aching stuffy head... no.. wait.. that's a NyQuil commercial) ... and now he has a beautiful blister on his tongue. It's a beaut. I'd take a picture to share, but he's not very keen on people looking in his mouth.

I'm letting the four of them run around the house for a little while.. get some exercise, get their feet off that cold floor.. give mom a break.. that sort of thing. Set #6 would get horribly gooey-eyed if I left them in the kitten room too long.. so I'm sure this is doing them some good.. :)

Scooter's eye was completely shut when I went in this morning. I think she was keeping it closed though. After I added a little ointment she had it opened and it looked about as good as it did before.. or bad.. depending on how you like to word that phrase.

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