Monday, October 28, 2002

Hungry hungry kittens

oh my freakin goodness.. those kittens of mine are a handful and a half and do NOT listen!! I got home tonight and brought in some mush (KMR, pumpkin, and kitten food) to supplement the kittens. They are supposed to be weaning on to solid foods.. they are currently all eating solid foods, but when I walked in there with a cup full of mush, they would have tackled me and held me down if a) they could and b) they thought it would do any good. They were HUNGRY and wanted their mush!! they got all up in my face No idea why.. my face has NEVER fed them.. but.. whatever. they were pushing each other out of the way, licking off the syringe as it was in someone else's mouth, and when I moved them to the ground so I could deal, they would scale up my leg and be right back in the fray. Goldie was the worst.. the give-mes didn't stop.. her belly was about to explode and she still wanted more. I so just want to chain that mom cat down so they can nurse..

bunny girl is also starting to annoy me. I still feel the need to put ointment in her eye, but she fights me at every move. I had to wash her foot cause she stepped in something and she fought me on that one too. I don't mind a little good-natured "I don't like this" but when they start saying to me "I don't think so" its annoying.

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