Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Changing up the kitten room

I felt the need to rearrange the kitten room this morning.. I think this layout works the best. This is like the fifth layout.. the couch has always been in front of the heater before, but now that it's getting cold I needed to redo it. The kitties weren't too happy about the move, but I think they like the layout better. Unfortunately, when moving the computer table the tv fell off and broke it. Not bad, but I don't know exactly how bad.. the table top punched down and now the screw is exposed.. but sadly the tv still works.. lol (this tv is from 1980 and only has 36 channels, and the kittens threw up on the remote the other week and that doesn't work either)

The kittens have started licking me when begging for food.. I'm so frustrated.. if they can lick me, why oh why can't they lick food out of a bowl.. but noooo.. we're too young for that woman.. *rolls eyes*.. but hey.. they do recognize the syringe I feed them with. I called to the last one to feed it and she kinda blew me off till I showed her the syringe, and she ran.. it was all too darn cute.

Bugsy is still not feeling well. eyes watering the works.. Melvin is having a hard time breathing.. sneezing watery eyes.. Izzy's eye is watering.. and now I think a few of the kittens are too.. sigh.. I so need to warm up that room..

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from the digcam.. I need to update my foster website soon..maybe tomorrow after I do my homework? who knows

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