Sunday, October 20, 2002

Scooter's eye

On the 18th, Scooter's eye looked even worse so I sent a pic via email to the shelter, and the director wanted me to get her to the vet asap.. so I called them and went in that afternoon. She wasn't sure if it was a scratch on the eye or something else so I got some antibiotic ointment to put in there that scooter HATES.. don't know why.. I wouldn't think it would hurt. She didn't mind the Terramycin.. oh well.. I'll give it to her, and she'll eventually get better. The next morning though it looked way worse.. the eye was almost totally swollen shut.. but she doesn't care.. running around like a fool, loving a little puff ball I put in there for the kittens.. growling at anyone who comes near her when she has it and carries it around all over the place.

Melvin and Bugsy are looking better, but their noses are running and globbing (yes.. that is a totally made-up term) on their face.. Melvin is breathing much better which is a total relief. The mom now though is coughing up a storm.. sounds like she's coughing up a hair ball.. sigh..

the kittens are doing all too well.. we have two now that are obviously eating on their own... the second being the littlest one.. I think a couple more might.. cause last night when I went in to feed them no one was clamoring for food. this evening though was a completely different story.. cause I didn't put down any food this afternoon like I did yesterday. Yesterday morning they were so anxious to eat that one scratched my leg hard enough to make it bleed. Needless to say, I clipped their claws after that. They are doing wonderfully when it comes to the litter box.. I haven't had to change their bedding since I put it in there.. not only are they using their own, but the other that is in the room for the older ones.. We've had one - possibly two - accidents since.. one was #2 that someone hid in the corner.. the second was a wet spot in some spilled  litter in front of the box.. so even if it is pee, I don't think I can quite call it an accident..

the littlest one is able to get out of the box.. occasionally they'll still get back in and sleep on the heating pad. If I go in when they are hungry, they follow me around and if perchance I have to leave the room before I feed them, they'll follow me right out of the room, they have no fear when it comes to getting their dinner *smile*

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