Sunday, June 15, 2003

Catnip pad

btw.. there were a couple of comments about the catnip pad.. cat nip is very easy to grow.. its like any other herb.. in fact its part of the mint family. There are cases of cats who don't really react to cat nip that love mint... one person I read about gives their cat herbal mint tea bags.. :) I had a small problem with growing it because I failed to keep the container watered.. and it dried out, but that is what your supposed to do anyway, so I just clipped off the roots and gave it to them. Fresh nip is great too. Be aware though.. they eat it. totally not a problem, its good for them, but it freaked me out the first time one of my kitties actually ate it. Before they had just rubbed around in it.

kittens often don't react to nip at all.. its something they grown into. some are more prone to it than others. Eli is a nip o holic.. my first kitty Tigger was as well. he tended to get vicious when on nip.. not violent.. just in such joy he didn't want you to interupt it, even if you were just giving him more, he didn't understand... man I miss that kitty.

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