Sunday, June 29, 2003

Gimmie was adopted

yea! Gimmie was adopted today.. I'm so glad. She was so obnoxious, but she grows on you, and if I could have I probably would have kept her. Here's hoping that they bond to each other and are very happy with one another.
Star and Stripe are still up for adoption. I'm thinking it's going to be a while for them, as I asked that they go together. They were so bonded, that Stripe was starting to nurse on Star and she let stripe do it (man I hope who ever adopts those two comes up with better names!! lol) Since stripe has had that vaccine reaction, I'm sure that's going to make her more difficult to place, and that they should go together will also deter people, but I KNOW the right family will come along in the next week.. possibly two. *crosses fingers that who ever adopts them brings them to the clinic that I work at* But even knowing all this I still cried on the way home. Leaving kittens at the shelter after they are ready for adoption is VERY hard.

I also gave the kittens their first shot of distemper vaccine. Went over fairly well. The girls were hard to catch. I so need to get a TV in that room, so they get used to the sounds of people.

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