Friday, June 6, 2003

Pee in the litterbox.

the kits have a new milestone.. they are now going pee in the box!!! I saw Gonzo digging around in there, then his tushie was a little wet. I then changed out the litterbox and put everyone in it. Peanut - all 8.9 oz of him started digging around and then he made a piddle.. :) then Kermit joined in the fun. Not much better than a clean litter box to mark when you're a kitten.. the only thing better is to have someone digging around looking for your "little treasures"

which seems to be the favorite past time of the elders.. lol they love getting in my way, watching me dig, occasionally they will get in the box and either try to find one for me or make a new one for me to find.

they had free run of the whole room today cause I was running late, and they made an absolute sty out of the room again.. even pulled a label off of one of the food cans. I eventually found it stuffed under the heater.

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