Sunday, June 1, 2003

Charlie is vomiting.

I went and took care of the kittens last night. Charlie had thrown up again. I changed out the litter she was using, cause it had started soon after I gave her this new brand. It looks like Styrofoam. I really liked it, but if it was causing her to throw up.. then out it goes. She threw up again this morning.. *crosses fingers that it is just a left over reaction to the litter* The kits seemed a bit dehydrated. Peanut went from 7.4 to 7.1 this morning (yes.. seven!!) so I'm going to go stuff them full of KMR.

Peanut has also shown signs of wanting to eat. Only problem is that he wants to eat litter. yes.. litter. Three times now he's found a pile of litter at the edge of the cage and gummed it.. I had to pull a few pieces out of his mouth. This morning he dipped his muzzle in the water bowl, it was uber cute. Gonzo's eyes have turned an incredible shade of blue, it's mesmerizing.

the elders are doing well as well. I fed them two huge cans of food last night and they gobbled it all down. won't be long now. :) I am thinking Im going to bring them back in time for the "Kitten Shower" that the shelter is going to be having on the 14. its a fundraising day for the foster kitten program. We are always in need of kitten food, litter toys and other accouterments for kittens.. I personally would like a good digital scale, so I can keep a good eye on their weight. I have a food scale I'm weighing peanut on, but it's not going to last much longer.. and I'm weighing the elders on an old baby scale that gets out of whack after almost every time I use it. I donated a cute kitty set of a photo frame, place mat, bowl and treat jar I found in a set at the store for a raffle. I'm thinking of making up a few pillows out of the leftover fabric I have from the making of the litterbox box. Should be fun. If you are interested in contributing to the fundraiser for the shelter, let me know and I can get you in contact with them.

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