Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The kittens are like weeds

Well, the little ones are growing like weeds. I can't even weigh them any more, they don't sit still on the scale. I have to really look to see which one is peanut.. its awesome. Tonight I put a dab of real cat food on their muzzles.. Peanut Gonzo and Fozzie weren't all that interested, they chose to go explore.. but Miss Piggy and Kermit went and ate some of mom's food. They both started out by chewing on the paper tray the food was in.. it was cute. Afterwards Miss Piggy went off to groom herself. they are getting so ultra cute!. I have a few more pictures to edit and post.. you'll love them.

I have five of the elder kitties that are going back to the shelter tomorrow. Hanz and Franz and Melody and Splat and Edgar. Im not 100% sure that Splat and Edgar are heavy enough.. I'm 90% sure on Edgar .. Mr teeth and claws.. man that kitten is obnoxious. He was attacking my hair today. And I'm 50-75% sure about Splat. sometimes the scale read 2.35.. sometimes it read 2.5 its a totally whacked scale.. its so old.. but hey.. its better than holding them in your hand and trying to guess their weight.. lol.

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