Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Swollen lymph nodes

*flomps in chair - covers self with a quilt*

ok.. 'Im a little scared now.. Stripe's lymph nodes are swollen. This is NOT good.. she's been on antibiotics since Saturday now.. they shouldn't be swelling up. a few of the other's aren't not swollen if you know what I mean. Only one of them weren't at all.. but I can't remember at the moment who it is. Stripe also had a belly full of gas. felt a lot like Kodi's did .. I can't go there, though. she's fine.. she's fine.. she's fine.. she's just having a reaction to the vaccine, and it will be fine..

the kittens are getting good at not taking their pills.. it's frustrating. They are going back Friday though, for a Saturday adoption - providing everything goes well at their check up Friday afternoon - when they get spayed / neutered.. if not I guess I'll take them home on Saturday..

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