Sunday, June 15, 2003

Adoption day

Peanut is getting so big.. I had to do a triple take the other day to make sure it was him. :) its great. Still not interested in food, but that's okay.. neither is Gonzo or Fozzy... although walking on the side of the couch like Spiderman is one of their favorite activities..

Five of the elders went back to the shelter on Thursday.. Hanz, Franz, Splat, Edgar and Willow. Willow and Hanz were adopted by a guy who commutes from Florida to Maine.. had his cats for 15 years. Franz was in someone else's hands but unfortunately they couldn't adopt him because their vaccines weren't up to date on their current pets. Franz and Splat were looked at by another family, but they just couldn't "make a connection". Edgar and Splat were considered by a family with two children.. the girl wanted what ever kitty she had in her hands. :) The dad and the son wanted Edgar. I pointed out he was obnoxious, but they were willing to take him. They also go to the clinic that I work at, so I'll see him again. Splat and Franz were starting to get quite grumpy at this point. Another family came in with two boys. I didn't get a good feeling about them, and when the younger boy asked to hold Splat, he dropped him right away. They ended up taking another kitten - Jenny - that was available. One of the other volunteers knew of someone who was looking for a kitten. She called up her friend and she came down with her son. They had recently adopted a kitten from the shelter who was quite sick, and died soon afterwards. I assured her that Franz was very friendly - just a little grumpy after the day he had had and after just being neutered - and VERY healthy. I was so lucky with this set. She adopted him. Then towards the end of the day someone had come in for the kitten shower, and a staffer was saying I was a foster parent with kittens up for adoption. I showed her Splat, and she said that she had an all black cat in mind before coming. it was a perfect fit. She took my email address and said she'll let me know what she names him :)

after being there for 8 rounds of adoptions, so far only one kitten wasn't adopted the day they were available - and he was adopted the next day. Leaving him at the shelter after being up for adoption all day was quite hard.. and I was so glad I didn't have to do that again.

Five down.. 11 to go.. lol. well 12 if you count Charlie...

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