Friday, June 20, 2003


well the elders have coccidia.. so they are on albon for 10 days.. fun fun. NOT. Gimmie does NOT like to be pilled at all. I have to give them strongid as well.. which they also hate with a passion, and I have the scratches to prove it. why they make a dewormer that smells like bananas is a mystery to me. could you please make it smell like tuna?? Gim also has the inane desire to sit on my shoulders.. she likes to scale my back to get there.. must make note to never go down there again with a thin shirt on..

The kitten's eyes are changing over.. *whimper* they are getting so big.. they are all eating solid foods now.. sampling dry food as well. Peanut's breathing is still obvious. I wouldn't call it labored.. but his whole chest still collapses with each breath. I was talking to a gentleman at work the other day who had a cat with a deviated septum, and he lived a nice full life. *crosses fingers that is what it is* I should probably bring him in soon and see if they can x-ray him and get an idea what is going on.. but he's eating well, and pooping well, so it doesn't appear to be what Mew had.. thank goodness!!

My guys are all doing very well. Em was sneezing the other day.. pretty bad too. Figured I'd give it one more day and then go in and get something to help her through it. There is nothing they can give for URI.. but they give antibiotics to make sure that a secondary infection doesn't take hold.. but she stopped.. so that is good. Eli's face cleared up for a day.. but now it's all goopy again. I really do need to get him in to the vet for a tear duct flush.. (did I mention this before? It's a surgery where they go in and clear out the tear ducts - which will help if his are blocked, but not if his eyes are just producing more tears than his ducts can handle. I'm sure they are blocked though.. from the URI) Jack is about a week away from his second deworming dose. I haven't seen any more worms, and his stool doesn't smell nearly as bad as it did. Ollie is getting more and more comfortable with his new siblings. there are still occasional spats, but he plays more. It's so cute to see him chasing Eli through the house, then Eli turning around and chasing after him. Muffin is still awful cute.. despite using me as a doormat.

You should also check out this its too cute. I particularly liked gem, which was an acronym for green eyed monster.

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