Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Way to go Peanut!

ok.. my little nutcase is now .. ready for this? 8.4!!! his breathing, while abnormal, wouldn't be something you would notice about him now if it wasn't mentioned to you. Miss Piggy is 14 oz.. :) they are walking much better now, running fairly well, and starting to get teeth - well except for Peanut.. I think this is the first thing that he is last at doing.. no wait.. having BOTH eyes open he was last at.. but second in having an eye open. They still don't know what food is for, but they like dunking their noses in the water bowl. MP and Kermit aren't all that adventurous.. they usually stay in the cage and play with one another while I'm in there. Gonzo is Mr. Explorer.. peanut is usually on my lap or asking for help getting there.. Fozzie just toddles around. I put a second towel in their cage so they would have a "mountain" to explore, they loved it.

The elders are .... well they really are too much. I never thought I'd say that, and frankly if I had a few more hours in my day I probably wouldn't mind them a bit, but with my work day, and travel, and eating and sleeping, I don't have much time for much else. I haven't been able to even work out for the past couple of days. I brought home some more supplies for them on Tuesday. a banana box FULL of litter and food. I'm already thinking it's not going to last the week. They are now eating four large cans of food plus some per day, plus the bowl or two of dry food.. I also got a new toy. the small pieces of wood covered in carpet, with a spring coming out of it, with a puff ball at the top. that was a big hit. One of the calicos I named stripe (cause she hangs around with star) got a hold of that puff ball and became so territorial of it I was starting to fear for anyone who went near her to find out what she was complaining about. I've got names for just about everyone, except one or two calicos and the fluffy black kitty. I named the fluffy tigers mike and ike. The short haired tiger is Pumpkin. The calico with a dot on her head is Star, the one with the white eye is Stripe. The calico that has the most white is Gimmie.. the black kitty with the white chest is Edgar. so that's *counts in head* seven.. so there are two calicos and fluffy who don't have names.. any suggestions? (fluffy is a boy, the other two are girls)

As for my own brood.. they are doing well. Eli is starting to sneeze again. I think he's going to have to be on doxy all his life.. poor thing.. he doesn't like getting pills. Muffin had a growth spurt. she seems absolutely huge now.. as does Jack. Part of me wants to believe it is because I spend time with the little ones, but Eli hasn't seemed to have gotten any bigger. I would have been totally happy with Muffin staying little all her life, but alas, it was not to be. That's ok. I really love bigger kitties. There was a HUGE cat at the shelter a month or so back.. huge is an understatement. He wasn't overweight.. just had a huge head, stood taller than I have ever seen a kitty stand. He looks a lot like my Ollie (second button from the left up at the top there if you want to see him) I would have adopted him in a heartbeat if I could have.. oh well. One day when I can start adopting kitties again, I'll have to keep my eye out for a large one!

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