Sunday, April 1, 2007

Em's great adventure

I took Em outside again today. I was going to bring Jack, but he out grew the harness I have, and frankly he really didn't want to go.

Em sniffed around out front yard for a while, then went to visit the neighbor's yard. We stood by the house and let her go off - wondering how far she'd get before she turned back, but she was either totally brave or totally off her rocker, cause she made it all the way to the neighbor's house. I went and got her and she wanted to continue to investigate their house, so I had to pick her up and brought her home.

She then went into our back yard, and sat around for a while. Then she found a spot she really liked the smell of, so she sniffed, chewed and rubbed all over it.

This is the first time in her entire life where she is actually active outside during the daylight hours.. Its really bizarre. But she totally enjoys it, so we'll keep bringing her out.

I'll try to get some video of it next time.

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