Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bad morning

What is it with Em and 4am? on thursdays? during snow issues?? (not snowing yet, but it is coming)

Since this is what happened last week, only worse, I have to wonder what kind of cycle she's on.

The blood was dripping out of her nose. I've gone through five or six tissues already, and it does finally seem to be stopping.

Her blood sugar was 261 - lowest I've seen in a while, but I've stopped feeding her dry again. She wasn't as interested in food recently, so I am letting her eat what she wants.

If the trend dictates, she won't eat again today. I gave her a good dose of pred - ok'd by doctor. He's not thrilled with the idea, but Im not thrilled with the flow of blood, so I figure I'll try to stop that (the pred worked last time) and worry about the auto-immune issues later.

I gave her all her meds. Fortunately the pred and the methimazole fit in the cosequin, so it was just that and the baytril she's on for the bordatella - which seems to have completely cleared up at this point, just finishing out the round of antibiotics. Although as I type this, I wonder if I shouldn't give her some pepcid for the blood that I am sure is in her stomach..

Yes, I'm rambling.

I left her with some Temptations (thank you Vic for that idea a while back. its the only treat that she seems not to be able to refuse)

Fortunately (or macably unfortunately depending on how you look at it) she seems happy. Frustrated with the nose issues, and I can tell she just wants that to go away, but she doesn't look all that sick. We went out side again last night. Short trip to the porch.. but it was cold and wet, so that was ok with me. I absolutely don't want her to suffer, and I'd think a brain tumor pressing on things causing nose bleeds would err on the side of suffer, but nope.. she's still my Em.

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