Friday, April 6, 2007

Emmy's bad day

Well this should have been posted yesterday, but I have been covered under a blanket of 8+ inches of snow that took out the power to my office and my home.. *argh* but at least by waiting we have a good outcome to report.

The power went out Wednesday night at around 11 pm. Thursday morning at 5:30ish Em woke me up sneezing. It sounded very wet, so I made my DH get up and get some light. she had another bloody nose, and was sneezing bloody discharge out all over my sheets, and all over me. Probably not as bad as it sounds, as there were 20-30 small droplets, but still scary enough.

The culture and sensitivity on the discharge had come back and she has bordetella. She's on baytril for that, started her third day this morning. Anyway.. after she stopped sneezing, we got her cleaned up the best we could without water(as I am on a well), and she seemed okay, but breathing was very hard on her. It was as if she had two areas of congestion - her chest and her nasal passages. I called the vet, and he recommended prednisolone. I gave her a dose that morning - along with her baytril, her cosequin, and her 2 thyroid pills.

Mid day it seemed to be subsiding, but it was still hard on her. With nothing to do all day, we all climbed into bed. She sat on one side of wheezing, and Tweedle sat on the other and snored.

She was off her food - but was eating treats. After the hard night, I wasn't horribly worried.

she started wheezing again so I gave her 1/2 of a dose of the pred..

This morning she had eaten all her dinner and was hungry for breakfast, and at all her breakfast. She was doing the teeth grinding thing (to her it means she's got an upset stomach) pretty fierce last night and again this morning, so I added some pepcid into her pill cocktail - it is a darn good thing I'm good at pilling her, cause there were so many of them this morning!! But at this point, she's back to being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - if not a little cold since the temp in the house is 50 degrees. I have hope that the power will be on soon though, as I FINALLY saw the power guys drive by and they had a pole with them (one of the poles fell into the middle of the road and they had left it there for over 24 hours!!!)

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