Thursday, April 26, 2007

Holding Steady

we did go out and buy a video camera. was a little awkward when the sales clerk asked us what we wanted to use it for. we said 'stuff'... didn't want to say ' to take videos of my dying cat'.. I am sure he thinks we wanted it to make sex tapes..

Took the first video on Monday. Em wanted to go visit the neighbors again, but I stopped her since they were home. we were out there for 25 minutes, and I'm sure she'd sit out there all day if we'd let her.

Her weight is holding steady at 10lbs.

her nose is getting goopy.. more green and clear discharge. so far it isn't impeeding her breathing, and the only annoyance is when I try to clear it off.

This blog has become so sad. I'm sorry for that.. but no kittens and dying kitty makes for a sad blog. Hopefully we'll have happy news soon.

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