Saturday, April 14, 2007

Houston, we have a pattern

Em bleed on the 5th during the begining of a big storm. 7 days later, she bled right before a big storm. Tonight, on the eve of a big storm, we have bleeding.

It started out as panting and her being in a kind of 'out of it' stage. Her PMBG was 210, so for the fun of it I took her BG and it was in the 300s (kinda odd since she hadn't really eaten) With some love and comfort, she seemed to pull out of it, and was excited at the prospect of getting baby food as a treat... and ate quite a bit - well for her anyway.

20-30 minutes later, blood.

How bizarre.. how bizarre.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    No, its not bizzare that she would bleed before a storm. The change in atmospheric pressure (measured by a barometer) would probably be the culprit. Think it would be the same principle as someone "feeling a storm" in their bones, or having their arthritis kick up. So, you could say she's your barometer kitty. :)

  2. Got to agree with Paulette. :) Being a sinus infection sufferer - and much of my family - we definitely feel more pressure and pain and nasal drip before a storm...all barometric. I would say that is aggravating her condition.

    Hopefully these durned storms are down now and she can relax with some nice spring weather.


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