Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have been reluctant to put this down in my 'official blog' for fear that I was hoping the trend would prove true.. no wait.. that line doesn't make any sence.. I feared that once I wrote it down that it would disappear.

Since the deworming, Em has put on weight.

The morning of the exam, at home, she weighed 9lbs 10 oz
at the exam, 9lbs 8 oz - dewormed
that night after finishing breakfast and lunch - 9lbs 15 oz
next night 10lbs 3 oz.
Next morning 9 lbs 15 oz
this morning 10 lbs.

So I am now a firm believer in if your elderly kitty is losing weight deworm it. it can't hurt, and it might just help. I think if she gets up to 10.5 I'll wean her off the thyroid meds and see what happens. although I'll probably talk to my vet before then and will listen to his advise.

Her nose is holding steady. there was a little blood on the right side this morning. She has been bleeding out of the left. I don't know if this is a good thing - that the pred is making the tumor shrink a little so it is bleeding out of the right, or if it is a bad thing, the tumor is rupturing on the right side or doing damage on the right side.

I just need to remind myself not to dwell on the specifics. I can't make decisions because there is a little blood in a different nostril. I can only make decisions on her over all health and disposition.. which at this point is on the good side of bad, and holding steady...

My other cats are holding steady. Nothing major going on with any of them. Jack is freaklingly adorable. He's taken over Em's job of holding me down in bed for as long as possible in the morning. He's so sweet, and so cute, and so wants my attention. the other day I was getting ready for work, and he wanted attention. so his way of getting it was to snuggle with my tush as I bent over to pull up my pants. :) Muffin has taken over Em's job of telling me I'm the best mommy EVA! I love when she does this. A lot of the time she is seeking attention for her own gain.. but sometimes I swear she's seeking attention to make me feel loved and appreciated. Last night Ollie wanted some attention, and refused to take "but its BED TIME" for an answer. He started out on top of my chest, then when I kicked him off and rolled over he snuggled my hands asking for more attention. Fortunately he's not an all day of attention kind of guy. He just wants to make sure he can get it, then he wanders off. Eli has been around more since talking with the animal communicator. I think he knows I don't want to hurt him now, and I do my best not to check on his ears when I am able to pat him. Tweedle is still her adorable self. I have the impression she's grown up a little since the talk with the AC. I don't like it... but I suppose she can't be a kitten forever (WHY NOT??)

I will be glad for my motley crew when Em's time comes. They do bring me a lot of joy.

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