Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Emmy has lost her marbles

Either that or she shipped them to Timbuktu for the fun of it. But more on that after a brief update on her general health.

The culture and sensitivity came back, and she's got bordetella, so we have her on baytril to try to clear up the nasal discharge. I asked B if he was still thinking brain tumor, and he said he was, the infection isn't enough to cause all of the other symptoms. So one step at a time, I'll be thrilled if we can get her nose to stop running and bleeding.

Since I took Em out, it has been raining. Well, she didn't care. Monday I opened up the door, and she went out and sat on the porch, then after a few moments she walked down the stairs and sat in the rain!!! completely oblivious to how cold the ground was and how wet she was getting. I called her a silly kitty and told her to get back in the house and she came.

Then we had a repairman in the house. Now when Em was in her prime, she HATED house guests. This time she went right up to him and wanted to know what was going on.. very interested in the activity..

It is sad, but it is also very amusing. I choose to look at the fun side of this.. Cause I'm sure all too soon it will get very dark.

I also have to wonder if the Animal Communicator didn't get some mixed messages. That maybe it isn't Jack that wants to go out, but Em. I tried to take Jack out, and he panicked.. And it isn't Ollie with urinary issues, but Jack - as he has been doing the pee pee dance more lately. I still have some of his herbs, so I am going to put him back on them for a while and see if it stops. If not I might take him in to see the vet and test his urine.

On a personal note, I was invited to participate in the planning of this years kitten shower, the fundraiser the shelter does to get supplies for the foster kitten program. Apparently, they are going to make it more child orientated with carnival games and prizes.. Sounds interesting. I was glad they invited me but internally conflicted about participating, since in the past I have, and I wasn't really considered - my ideas, my suggestions and most of all my schedule. Several of us have to work during the day and they schedule meetings for the most inconvenient times, 10 AM or 4 PM. Yes, it works for them, but if they really want volunteers helping out you'd think they'd schedule them at more convenient times for us.

Well, I got an email late last night that they decided that their first meeting was going to be today at 10 AM. If I hadn't been out of work due to a theft at work, I might have felt comfortable asking for the time off, but I haven't been able to do my job for two days, so it was a little hard for me to consider asking. I'm sure she wouldn't have minded in the least, but I would have. Not to mention that once again they aren't taking those of us that want to help out into consideration. The excuse for the last minute scheduling was one of the staff members is leaving due to accepting another job, and they wanted her in on the first meeting.

Excuse me while I say a few not so kind words in my head.

Okay. much better.

This is why I'm so reluctant to continue to help. I want to with all my heart and soul, but I hate being treated like my input is beyond not important.

I did sneak into the shelter on Monday (since I was out of work anyway) and found a set of kittens. 4-5 weeks old.. so cute.. little balls of fur and hiss and vinegar. They were so scared. I just wanted to smuggle them out in my coat :)

I am such a sucker for a kitten.. and don't even get me started talking about kitten fever - cause I so can not afford to come down with it

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