Friday, April 20, 2007

what now?

There is a lesson to be learned in Em's health issues.. But darned if Im not too close to the situation to figure it out. Patience, acceptance? something..

Last night I got home from work and Em was STARVING. haven't eaten all day if not since yesterday STARVING MOM.. PLEASE!! So I grabbed a can of food for her and went into her room to give it to her. Both her breakfast plate and the timmed feeder were licked dishwasher clean. I wondered if Muffin hadn't snuck - wait.. I was out of the house, so she wouldn't have snuck, she would have walked right in.. and eaten all of the left overs. I gave Em the entire can. A few minutes later she was out of the room. I assumed she had a few bites and walked out, but she had eaten the entire thing! She also left blood droplets around the rim of the plate and on the floor near by, but not a drop was on her.

hun? what?

So when DH came home, he fed her again. She ate it all up, but at least she seemed sasiated. That is till midnight, when she was begging me for more food.. so I opened up her timed feeder, and waited for her to beg for more. and she didn't. I also tested her at that time, and her BG was 100ish. Good since her preshot BG was in the 300s. the AM BG was in the 300s, so I guess we have some sort of regulation going on..

This morning she was slow to wake up. Sometimes she just sleeps really hard. She ate, then went back to sleep. I don't like that so much.. but hopefully she's just processing all the food.

then again her weight this morning was 10lbs 1.5 oz.. so how much food could she have left inside her?


Every day it is something new...

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