Monday, March 15, 2010

The Crew - Kit

Kit came to us via a fostered set of kittens.  She came along in a set of kittens that belonged to two mothers I brought home to foster in May of 07.  The two mothers were I believe mother and daughter, as one seemed to know exactly what to do, and what was going to happen, the other seemed very much new to all of this.  Could they have been two random cats that were in the same house, I guess.  But they looked a lot a like.

Each cat gave birth to four kittens.  Despite wanting to keep them apart to keep the kittens straight, the mothers were having nothing to do with my foolish ideas, and ended up mixing kittens randomly.  Finally I gave up all together.  Because one set was a bit older, it was easy enough to tell for a while, but in the end I realized it didn't really matter.

She started life with the name Tilly.  I suppose that name would still very much work for her, but I have a tendency to want to rename kittens when they are adopted, as if to say "yes, you are going to stay here!".  It was hard coming up with a name for her, and while we were doing it, we had to refer to her as "the kitten" because if we called her "the baby" Twee would become visibly upset.  In the end we called her Kit N. Kaboodle.  Yes, silly, but Kit works for her.

Kit and one of her sisters were very slow to put on weight.  Having 10 cats in the kitten room is a bit much, and dealing with loosing Em, my subconscious was trying to adopt all of them, so I tried to sneak them through and have then neutered when the rest of the litter made weight.  I know they can neuter as early as two pounds, but the shelter wants to wait until 2.5, so when they weighed her, they said NO WAY!! :) Her sister was just barely there, and they offered to have me keep both of them to put more weight on them, but I was so ready to empty out the kitten room and clean it up, so I said no, and took Kit back.  She had already started to work her magic on my husband, and I knew he wouldn't mind one little bit watching her while she gained weight.

Well Kit knew a good thing when she saw it, and proceeded to wrap my husband around her little paw.  She looked at him with the most adoring eyes, and batted her eyelashes at him.  At every chance she jumped up on him and laid down on him very politely with out the stomping and getting into your face that is pretty norm with the other cats of the household.  My husband is a push over, and Kit knew it.  And by the time she hit weight he was hers.  Once again a cat being added to the household was not my fault!!

It took her until November to put on weight and be spayed.  Even afterward she was a very petite eater, and continued to be a very small girl. She put up with my clothes on cats phase very nicely and would often allow me to pose her in outfits and take photos.  She still does when I get it in me to be silly.  Even now almost three years later she is very laid back and very petite.  She weighs about five pounds.

And she still loves my husband beyond reason.  If I were a less secure woman, I might actually be jealous... :)  She unabashedly throws herself at him.  Makes eyes at him, and stares up adoringly at him at every chance. She is constantly by his side or sitting in his lap.  If he has to go away for work, she spends quite a bit of time looking for him come bed time, then sits around moping.

Kit very much falls in the "his" cat camp. We have always had "his" and "her" cats.  Muffin is very much mine as is Jack.  Kit and Twee are "his" cats. Eli?  well Eli is his own cat.  He will use us when we are convenient to rub his belly or scratch his head, but he takes no loyalties.  Ollie is the diplomat, but I think he fancies himself as Daddy's boy.  Fleurp and Skippy are still trying to figure this out.  I think Fleurp has picked me, but she prefers it when he pats her, and Skippy is still unsure of his place in the house, so he has yet to declare.

As for health issues, Kit has been very lucky.  She had a very healthy kittenhood, and so far has not had any issues.  Might it be that once she was adopted she went right on raw food?  I can't say.  I'd like to think it is.

With Kit, I said the house was closed to adoptions..

ha ha ha

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