Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new cat tree

Yes, I spoil my kitties.  Hey, they bring me amusement, and honestly the laughter and amusement I got out of this $130 purchase was worth it.  I mean I could have gone out and had an expensive dinner, or provided fun and exercise for my cats who make me laugh and smile every day of the week.  No contest! 

So I was thinking I needed a new cat tree for a while, but wasn't sure what I really wanted.  Ok I knew I really wanted a cat tree that looked like a tree, but I can't afford one of those (ok so I can, I just don't want to) and when I saw this at PetSmart, I thought it would be good for the bedroom.  We put a rather large one in there recently, and the cats use it to get up on top of the bureau, a place I'd really rather they not go since I tend to store stuff up there I don't want them to play with by throwing it off the top (rolled coins, credit cards, etc)  Since this one isn't quite as square, I thought it might be good enough to keep them from jumping over to it.  The kittens still do it, but the older ones don't.

But it was a huge hit from the moment it came in the house..

Sadly the photo isn't ideal.  They threw my digital camera that I generally use off the counter and it no longer responds.  So now I'm using an old 3 MP camera.  I have my Kodak, but it takes lousy photos.  I need to invest in another, but I am fearful I'm going to end up with another lousy camera.  Kodak takes great photos of still life photos, but cats do not sit still!!

This tree is a little differently built then most of my others.  Generally they have perches a little lower down so that the cats have to jump, but not so hard that they have to fly three feet into the air.  Here some of the crew was a little reluctant to try it out.  Ollie has no problems getting up there, but some of the others started out on the chair that was near it.   Once they realized just how high it was, they have been just fine.  And as you can see, Twee LOVES it.

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