Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitten Watch Day 8!

This is why I hate taking pregnant cats.  I check on them several times a day, so it like 20+ disappointed anticipations in the past week. 

I also tend to take my frustrations out on them.  I call them selfish for not sharing their kittens sooner (which is silly because if she pops them out early they have no chance of survival) and I often take to calling them hussies for getting themselves in this "situation" in the first place.. :)  of course I'm saying all this in a sweet tone so they tend to think I'm praising them instead of insulting them.

I am starting to believe she is actually pregnant.  Her belly is protruding a bit further out on one side then the other, and when I rubbed it (even though she growled) I think I felt a head.  She is a growler which I'm not fond of, but I think that is just her way of expressing herself.  I am used to that now after having had a couple of moms act that way.  She growled at me when I put food down.. silly girl.

I just wish I could rub her belly.  Maybe next week when it's about ready to pop with kittens she'll be a little more open to it.

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