Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ollie Ol..

Not sure how much I have to post right now, as I'm still quite raw on all of this.  But I keep telling myself it wasn't like he was going to outlive me anyway, this day had to come at some point.. but at 11 years of age, it is just way too early (ok so he's still 10, he'll be 11 in May)

Yes, his sarcoma is back.  Its actually growing back in two different spots.  His options are very limited.  I could go in and have it taken out again, but I'm sure he'd hate that option because he recovered so much worse the second time.  I could try chemo - but that only has a 25% chance of making a difference, and how much time would that difference be?  Could do radiation, but that is several hours away and would also involve another surgery to debulk the growth first.

As much as I hate to admit defeat to an illness, it looks like this is going to take him.  The vet said that as is, he probably has about a year before it becomes life ending.  But at this point he has actually put ON weight (and no the growth isn't that big) and he's playing with the younger kitties, and still being KING OF THE MANOR!! so I have to take my happiness in that and accept what comes.  Heck, knowing his determination, he might be around forever..

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