Monday, March 29, 2010


OK, what else can go wrong with this boy..

Let me start off by saying he's eating just fine, and still breaking up squabbles in the house that get out of control, and this morning I even saw him playing with a toy mouse...

but yesterday I felt his lump on his side, and it seems there is two of them now.  He also has something on his chin.  feels a bit like a ball bearing, but when I originally found it there was a scab like thing on the outside.  I tried to squeeze it to see if it was fluid or if puss my come out from where the scab was forming - and neither seemed to be the case.  Last night the scab seemed to come back - which to me feels a bit like this is a tiny little abscess for one reason or another.  This morning it was still there, but could be slightly different.  Not bigger, just a slightly different shape - but no scab.  So now I'm quite paranoid.  I call my vet and said I need to have a lump checked.  Well I don't know the woman who answered the phone.  Not sure if the answers I got would have been any different if my friend and former co-worker had.. but the first open appointment is from a week from now.  This isn't right.  I mean I'm all for having to wait for a routine appointment, but what if he was bleeding?  does he not schedule time for health issues that are concerning?   I mean I hope if he was bleeding I wouldn't have to wait till next week..

I love my vet very much, but if he is going to book himself solid, I'm not sure I can deal with that.

I put myself on their cancellation list, so hopefully when the people who know me see I'm sitting here waiting with a health issue, they can squeeze me in sometime.

(and yes, I'm ranting about my vet to try to avoid thinking what these lumps mean for him.  I don't think another surgery would be a good idea for him since he had such a hard time with the last one, and if this is a regrowth of the cancer then it is back much faster then the last time, and I'll be doing these on a monthly basis at this rate...)

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