Thursday, March 11, 2010


I just caught Jack in the bath tub again looking like he was going to spray.

Is this medical?  I hope not, because if he is having problems on this food (not that many carbs in it) then I'm boned.

So that leaves behavioral.  Is it something he's learned that he should do because it helped him when he was sick or is it because he's stressed?  Marking territory doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense because it is in the farthest corner of the house, away from all of the places they lay and the places they eat, and he doesn't hang out there, so it isn't like he's carving out a little corner for himself.. I mean it isn't like he's a fan of a bath tub..


So I opened up a can of Jack Mackerel (yes, I know.. but I couldn't resist giving Jack Jack) and gave him the liquid in the can and gave the fish to the rest of the crew.  I have to tell you I almost hurled at the scent of canned mackerel.  heck I'm having issues just typing about it. I can't believe people enjoy eating that.. *shudder*   (of course that is pretty much the way my husband feels about tofu)

I was going to give him urinary food, as I still have some, but then I didn't think I'd get a good sample to see if he's having issues.  of course there is the thought that fish food can cause urinary issues, so if his urine isn't too alkaline, it might be by the time he goes pee. 

I'm hoping it is a learned behavior that he doesn't realize he's doing.  I'm hoping a few good well placed "bad Jack's" will cure him of this.  But I'm not opposed to bringing him in to the vet for a check up if he continues..

*crosses fingers for no pink litter when I get home*

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