Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Crew - Muffin

I am not sure why it has always been Muffin before Eli as they came from the same litter of kittens, but it always has.  Maybe because her personality is stronger, maybe it is because she is larger then he is, or maybe because he was such a fearful kitten that she was there and he wasn't.  Not sure, and I suppose it doesn't matter.

Muffin was one very precocious kitten.  She was always right in the thick of things and making a nuisance of herself.  While that is pretty typical of a kitten, with Muff it was to the extreme end of things.  She was also one incredibly beautiful kitten, and she knew it.  When she got into trouble, she would just strike the beautiful pose as if to say "How could you be mad when I'm this adorable??"  This knack for mischief and her coloring (basically a white cat with a gray hood and cape) led to the nickname of a sheep in wolf's clothing.  Her crazy antics led to her full name of "Banana Nut Muffin" which I hope is self explanatory.

Muffin has also been incredibly healthy.  When all of her siblings suffered pretty badly with URI, she had one short spell with an inflamed eye.  It got pretty bad, but the medicine the shelter gave me cleared it up very well.  I can't say for absolute certainty, but I think those meds ended up changing her eye color to the very unique pale color she has now as I was giving them to her while her eyes were changing from the kitten blue they are born with to what ever color they were supposed to be.  Maybe they were supposed to be that color, I'll never know and I don't rightly care.  She is also my biggest cat at 15lbs.  Some of it is excess, but not much. She does love her food, and very much wants to eat what ever we are eating.  I have seen her eat some incredibly weird things (her favorite food for a while was pop tarts) but usually after she begged for so long to get a bite that she gobbled up what ever I offered with out really figuring out what it was that I gave her.

Muff is the first female cat I have owned.  I have always heard the stereotypes of cats, who is more affectionate (males), who is more standoffish (females), etc and I guess Muff never heard of those, because she has always been a snuggler.  Mostly with me, but if I am not around she will snuggle herself into a draped blanket, a basket, a box, heck for a while there she would snuggle herself into my pajama bottoms when I would use the toilet (TMI?  sorry)  She is at home sitting on my chest giving me what I like to affectionately call "purr therapy"  it usually is accompanied by "massage therapy on the most painful places possible"  She likes to kneed and will work on one spot (a neck, the inside of my arm) until I can no longer stand it and move her.  She's also got an incredible knack of knowing when my bladder is full and exactly how to step on me to hit it.  But while most of this is really annoying, the love and devotion she shows while doing it is very endearing.  Sometimes she knows she is bothering me and will let me move her into a better position for me - and she is the only cat that allows me to do that.  When I move the others they usually get annoyed and leave.  She likes to reach out and gently pat my face with her paw.  Her place in the bed is on top of me - which used to be Em's spot.  One down side to her personality is she is not a kitty's kitty.  When Em passed, Tweedle tried to bond with Muff, and often is found trying to snuggle up to her, which Muff wants nothing to do with.  I am trying to teach Tweedle what Muffin means when she hisses and that it is not "lets play"  But she is accepting of all of the other cats as long as they let her be, and get out of her way when she has decided that it is Mom Time.

I tend to want to hug my cats and hold them close.  For the most part they would prefer I not love them quite so physically but from a distance.  Muff doesn't mind one little bit, and puts up with my need to rub my nose in her neck.  Which is probably why she's become my favorite kitty.. not that I could ever choose *I watch animal cop shows where people have to pick one or two pets and thoughts of that happening to me move me to panic*

She is the princess of the house.  Wanting all the glory and beauty (she gets jealous when she thinks there is a more beautiful cat in the house) and none of the responsibility of keeping the other cats in line.  As long as she has their respect, she's happy.

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  1. Well hello Muffin. You sure are a good looking lady and we hope our Einstein grows to be as adorable!
    Timmy Dad and Family


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