Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eight is enough?

or is it too many??!!

I will admit I feel horrible when ever I see a gathering of my kitties and I can't figure out who is missing.  I have to count them to make sure they aren't all there, and then go through them chronologically to see who is missing.  Yesterday I was visiting Boots, and came out to go upstairs, and seven of the eight cats were downstairs outside of the door waiting for us.  I counted, and then started from the top.. Ollie, yup.  Jack, yup Muffin, yup.  Ok, so Skippy is here, and Kit, and Fleurp, and there is Twee.. so who is missing..

Had to stop and go through them again from the top down not stopping before I realized it was Eli. I felt like such a bad kitty mom for missing him twice.

He didn't care though, he had the whole bed to himself..

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