Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Possible new kittens

so I might, or might not, have kittens..

As I said, the shelter called, and I went in.  They had a very young (all too young) mother cat with three three week old kittens.  She was beautiful, a snow shoe, and her kittens were adorable, but I can't handle three week old kittens at this point since I don't have my kitten room free and need to use my back bathroom until the first.  I figured by the time I had the kitten room free (because Boots' mom will have returned) they will be tearing up my house and escaping the bathroom before I can get a finger in the door to stop them, so I took the pregnant mom.

I met her on Wednesday, misunderstanding the email that said to come on Thursday.  She seemed to be in labor because she was making all the right sounds and licking her vulva.  but come the morning she still had no kittens, and the shelter staff had originally thought it was going to be a couple of weeks before she gave birth.

So Thursday I brought her home, singing the whole way.  Not complaining, just meowing to let me know she was there.  I set  her up in the bathroom and she chirped for me almost non stop.  She rubbed up against EVERYTHING, rubbing her neck on the ground and throwing her tushie in the air.  She did the back end prance when I rubbed the base of her tail, and growled when I tried to touch her stomach.. so basically she was acting like she was in heat.

Oh great I thought, just what I need, a cat in heat who is NOT pregnant.. Hussy...  and I went to bed - avoiding all eight cats at the doorway when I left the bathroom.

So I go in Friday morning, and find her sitting in the window sill.  Now this is a bathroom, and the sill is far up off the ground.  I wouldn't imagine that a pregnant cat would WANT to sit in such a precarious place, let alone could physically handle the shift in her weight well enough to get up there.. but she did.  (or is she not pregnant???) Friday afternoon I went to spend a little time with her.  She is quite sociable, and loves to be patted, but please don't touch her belly (what pregnant cat doesn't like to have her belly massaged??!?!) however I did end up getting a feel.  It very much feels like she is NOT pregnant, because I do not feel a single kitten, no head, no feet, and no movement.  HOWEVER, it does feel a bit like her milk has come in.

Since I know full well I can be wrong, I've decided to give her a week or so (or two) and see if she pops out any kittens before I start asking for an xray to prove there are things in there that are destined to come out and not just a nice full belly.

I've named her Lilly.  I have yet to take  photos, but I will soon.

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