Monday, April 2, 2012

Avoiding work

See the problem with going into work when you are sick and tired is that you are just too sick and tired to concentrate on work.. so you goof around online..

and thus you get three posts from me today (and the day isn't done yet)

So, I was looking at my webstats for my blog.  I love seeing what drives people to my blog.  Mostly it is Love and Hisses at the moment (Thank you Robyn!!) the post about the pet's will and testament has constantly gotten traffic since I posted it.. it is generally in the top five viewed pages by a long shot.. Usually (and currently) it is the cutest posts in terms of photos that hang out in that list, but  today my Jack in a box post got a handful of views..   The search term "Nebelung" brings people here.. and so does my "boy or girl" post.  Sometimes the searches that bring people here break my heart because I know they are dealing with some very sick kitties, and I so wish i could help

Today, however, an oddity came up.  Someone with AOL mail sent or received my web page and I got six views off  To whomever that might be, thank you for visiting (or sharing or both)!!

*Sigh* I suppose I should probably do some work hun?? *flips on kitten cam*  yes, that was stupid, now I'm tired and sucked into "The Young and The Restless Kitten version"

Your welcome


  1. When I get restless, Target sits on my desk and presses the F1 button so I get the HELP screen. he's furry helpful that way :-)

  2. Watching the kitten version of the Young and the Restless is good for the soul!

    When Austin is bored he reaarranges my photos!

  3. Don't check on how many times we check your blog. . .LOL

  4. OK so 1 I need a kitten cam. 2 I need kittens for the kitten cam. 3 Does it make a noise or something bc it looks like you got teeny tiny kitten stink eye.


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