Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

If you have never watched the TV show "The Tick" well then this post is going to be pretty silly.  Heck even if you did watch it then it still kinda silly.

Since watching it my husband and I have used many of the lines in our everday lexicon, and more often then not when talking about how the world is being destroyed (be it in a news show on in a movie) we often quote The Tick from this scene starting at :50
Interviewer: (clearing his throat) Well then, uh... can you destroy the Earth?
The Tick: (
alarmed) Egad, I hope not! That's where I keep all my stuff!


  1. Happy Earth Day! I've always been amused by The Tick, even if I would probably get annoyed watching it all of the time. :)

  2. That was a great line & I hope I can rip it off one day! :) Happy Earth Day!


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