Friday, April 6, 2012

Moose the Magnificent

I am Moose the Magnificent
What? You don't believe me?
I am Mighty!!  sorta.. well I could be..
I just love Moose's personality.  He's so laid back and a "whatever" kind of kitty.. He's what I like to call a 'good egg'  all be it a little goofy at this stage..

We also have another major milestone.  It is my fault for waiting so long, but we have our first object pouncing practice.  That's where I get out a toy on a fishing pole and interact with the kittens.  Squirrel was ALL OVER it.. hissing and swatting.  Moose liked trying to catch it, but he was OK with Squirrel going after it.  I totally freaked out Petra because I went to pick her up when she first noticed it (unintentional, I noticed she had some not so nice stuff all over her pants*) Miriam was eating while the boys were playing. Then they went to eat and she started to play.  O.. M.. C... watching petite dainty Miriam play... I don't know if you can handle the cute..

*Petra had diarrhea.  I tried giving them half a meal of canned food to see what would happen and Meira's stools got soft and now this.  I fear these kittens are going to have to be raw fed too.  Well, I don't so much fear that they have to eat it, as finding someone as "crazy" as me to feed it to them.


  1. Oh...look at Moose's big paws! How cute!

  2. Oh, Moose, that scratching post photo is so darn cute!


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