Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update - KITTENS!!

I felt the need to give Petra a little help cleaning her tushie.  We have had some diarrhea going on over here since the last feeding of canned food.  I have no idea if it is because of the canned food, if it was because it was that time for round worms to make their presence known (since most kittens are infected with them) or if there was something else going on.  I have been trying to get a sample in to the shelter to see what was up, but unfortunately it was too liquid and they would only poop after the shelter closed (seriously, the day they closed early they pooped early)   Petra seems to have the worst of it, having gas that is quite odorus, and her "pants" and back feet were less then pristine.  So I took her upstairs and gave her a rinse off.  She took it very well (and she has the start of a 'dulap' aka an extra flap of skin on the lower belly it was uber cute).  When she got back down to the kitten room her siblings were horribly confused.  She smelled different and the same (since I only washed half of her) so they were trying to figure out if the different smell was from her or from something near her.
It really is quite amusing to watch them learn that their noses are 'super sniffers'.  The night before Squirrel noticed I brought food in but he couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from.  He sniffed and followed the scent and realized I had it next to me as I sat on the litter box box.  He tried to jump straight up from the floor but there was no way that was going to happen, so eventually he realized he would have to go the long way around to get to it.  I so love watching the light bulb goes on, and thought and reasoning occur.

Miriam would also like to show you something.  She heard of Robyn showing you Razzie's technique to correctly exit a cat tree. She says she has a similar technique.
Plan your route
Lock your feet
Extend and drop
What, you want to see it again?
locking the feet
drop - TADA!!!
Then this evening after getting home from work I FINALLY got a stool sample that was testable..Apparently it was given with love..

So I went to the shelter with it.  I haven't heard the results so I'm going to assume they didn't find anything.  There were actually several normal looking stools in the box this evening so I'm guessing things are resolving.  I'll give canned food another go once things settle and are normal for a few days.  I checked on Meira while I was there.  She was not yet on the adoption floor (not surprising) and she seemed to be doing pretty well.  I gave her some love and attention which she liked.  I took her out and cuddled her (yup, she likes to cuddle) but when she saw a kitty in one of the other cages she hissed, so I guess she's not a fan of other cats yet.  They have been feeding her a grain free canned food, and the stool in her litter box looked really good, which is such a good thing.  I was a little concerned because her mammary glands were getting kind of full.  I didn't think the kittens were nursing that much and were well on their way to complete weaning as her mammary glands were flat and I didn't see them nursing much any more.  Mastitis is a concern if she gets too much milk and it doesn't start drying up on its own.

There were a surprising number of cats in the treatment area.  Most were friendly and outgoing, including one guy who I saw when dropping Meira off who was so scared then he retreated when I looked at him, but tonight he showed me his belly.  But there was one kitty who made my soul ache.  It sat so far back in the cage that I couldn't see it, but I could hear it purring away trying to comfort itself.  I had no idea what was going on with it, if it was scared, or injured, or what.  Maybe it had a kitten in there and was really happy.. One can only hope.  I thought good and hopeful thoughts for it. 

On a personal note, Marsha aka - Simon and Leroy's Mom, sent me a few Fresh Step codes and with the extra boxes I was able to nab at the shelter I was able to order the stainless steel water fountain for The Crew. I can't wait till it arrives. I'll be using Fresh Step for the fosters into 2013. See the Rubbermaid container behind the trash bin in the photos above? it is FULL..


  1. Poor little Petra. Bet she feels a whole lot better now after getting a little help with the cleaning up business.

  2. Am dying laughing at the heart-shaped poo! Lets hope those nasty worms are gone soon, poor lil' tots.

  3. I love Miriam's demonstration--very clever. And while I've seen heart-shaped pee, I've not seen a heart-shaped poo before!

  4. When I give Tutu canned food (grain free), she tend to get gas (horribly bloated) then watery stools. But she has no problems with homecook meals.
    We hope the results come back soon that will tell you what's causing the soft stools...

  5. Awww, Razzie thought she was such a genius! Miriam's demo cracked me up. :)

  6. We've had kittens with the loosies, and that is not fun cleaning up. I can't imagine an entire litter of that. How sweet to show you how much they appreciate all your work - a heart shaped poop!


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